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Q Inflatable Seal and Clamp Design Tool

We’re pretty excited to launch our new Q inflatable line of custom designed inflatable seals and clamps. Over 1000 different product options are available for you to work with - and that doesn’t include dimensional info!

We have worked hard to build flexibility into this new tool. For instance, once you have filled out some general application info, you can begin with any of our 10 base configurations, then fill out further details such as diameter, cross section, material, and air connector type. Note that the more information you provide, the faster the process and the less questions we have to ask!

Efficiency is really the goal here. Since we have been in business, we have followed this general outline when designing a new part (right now, we’re at over 39,000 different designs), but it usually takes a decent amount time and effort for us to get to that final iteration. Using this tool will give the both of us a jump start in the process, so you can have a completely custom seal (or clamp!) in your hot little hands – sometimes in two weeks or less! Right now, this same process (from design concept to delivery) could take anywhere from 4-8 weeks.

Ready to begin? Then jump right in and follow the outline we have provided. For straight forward applications, we anticipate it taking 10-15 minutes to complete your design and submit it for quoting. Our intent is to respond to any quote request within 24 hours.

If you find trouble (or hate computers!) then we can always go “old school” and work with you directly. Contact us today if you want to speak with a warm body.

Typical Q Inflatable Applications

  • Inflatable Door Seals for Washers, Labs, Test Chambers
  • Inflatable Hopper Seals
  • Bulk Bag Filler Seals
  • Sliding Door Inflatable Seals
  • Inflatable Clamps for Workholding
  • Smokehouse Door Seals
  • Glovebox Isolator Seals
  • Sterilizer Seals